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The Tatra Mountains are perfect for active leisure. Living at the EN Hotel provides a whole lot of opportunities at your fingertips. We are located near a ski piste, on the trail leading to Myślenickie Turnie. It’s an ideal location to embark on hiking, ski touring, and biking trails. The trails have varying levels of difficulty, so everyone will find activities that suit their abilities.


Activities available in the area


EN Hotel is located just 100 m from the Kasprowy Wierch cable car. This gives you the convenience of skiing without losing valuable time getting there or looking for a parking space. You don’t have to worry about the equipment either—we will rent it for you. If, on the other hand, you already have your equipment—we will store it in our ski room. Our Guests can ski on slopes that are snowed completely naturally, which is quite a rarity. The Goryczkowa (1,770 m) and Gąsienicowa (1,200 m) trails are, in our opinion, obligatory for every skier. After a day of skiing, you’ll drive down to the EN Hotel door without unfastening your skis!

Ski touring

It’s hard to imagine a sport with a more unique aesthetic experience than ski touring through mountain trails and riding the slopes of one’s choice. Instead of music and noise on the slopes, around you are only mountains and blissful silence. You can embark on a ski touring adventure directly from the hotel. Friendly instructors and guides from Skitourowe Zakopane will introduce you to skiing techniques and safety rules in the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains. We can also rent the necessary equipment for you.

Cross-country skiing

Flushed cheeks, fluffy snow, and the wind pleasantly wheezing in your ears as you descend the hill. These are the first associations that come to mind when we think of cross-country skiing. A whole host of trails await EN Hotel guests, including those near the Great Krokiew and in Kościelisko. Near to the EN Hotel is the Central Sports Centre where cross-country skiing enthusiasts can enjoy professionally prepared trails also in the evening—with artificial lighting.


The Tatra Mountains are an ideal place for regeneration. The mountains have a salutary effect on both physical and mental health. There are extensive networks of shelters, roads, and trails that allow those less experienced in winter sports, or with a lower threshold for fatigue, to savour the beauty of the Tatra Mountains on a walk or short hike of low difficulty. You can reach some of the trails directly from EN Hotel!


Due to the location of the trails in the Tatra National Park, you can run among the beautiful mountain nature in the EN Hotel area. The jogging here is challenging, but also gratifying and extremely spectacular. With a variety of difficulty levels and distances, running in the Tatra Mountains attracts both top professionals and amateurs. Starting from EN Hotel, you can choose from several directions that are interesting from the very beginning, such as Nosal, Kasprowy Wierch, or Hala Kondratowa via Kalatówki. High altitude makes training more efficient. Also, in the immediate vicinity of the EN Hotel is the Central Sports Centre, which features a professional stadium with a tartan surface.


Overcoming weaknesses and pushing one’s limits in the Tatra Mountains are the best ways to shape one’s character. The location of the EN Hotel offers incredible opportunities in this regard. Mountain climbing requires good physical fitness and strength, so it is a sport for the persistent and well-prepared. Surrounded by mountainous landscape, we provide a whole range of climbing opportunities—in both winter and summer. Our mountain guides will be happy to show you the mountains from a completely different perspective.


Podhale contains a whole host of proposals for fans of mountain bikes, e-bikes, and road bikes. Several bicycle routes of varying difficulty start directly in Kuźnice. The JoyRide Zakopane team will be happy to provide professional equipment and ensure that the excitement is at an appropriately high level. Droga pod Reglami, Kalatówki, and Chochołowska Valley are just some of the picturesque areas in the Tatra Mountains that can be admired during bike tours. Remember that trails open to bicycles have absolute priority for pedestrian traffic.


People have been inextricably linked to nature since the beginning of history. Although, in the meantime, daily life has been overtaken by office work and excessive doses of digital reality, naturally acquired patterns have not disappeared. In the interiors of the EN Hotel and its surroundings, you will find nature and truth. Clear air, crystal-clear water, green trees, and sunshine create ideal conditions for yoga practice and meditation surrounded by nature.