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On the Edge of Nature



We have created a shelter for you in the middle of the Tatra National Park. We put all our Highland hearts into providing you with a space where you can just be, draw energy from the mountains, and fully recover…


EN is an intimate resort with only 15 rooms, each of which overlooks the peaks of mountains or the boughs of trees. As our guest, you become part of the mountain ecosystem. You envelop yourself in soft bedding, the raw stone of the decor resembles that of the hillside, and when you take a shower, you feel like you’re standing under a waterfall.


EN Hotel is located in the Tatra National Park, on the trail leading to Myślenickie Turnie. We are located in a Natura 2000 area—an area where nothing new can be built; our hotel is located in the historic building of the former Energetyk. The energy of the Tatra Mountains is at your fingertips.


The energy of the Tatra Mountains enables total regeneration. A regenerated mind, devoid of information overload and unnecessary thoughts, is ready for new sensations and taking the best from the nature around us. Moreover, we will gladly take care of the regeneration of the body, hardened by hiking, biking, or skiing routes.


Our restaurant is neo-fine dining in an edition that is cosy, unadorned, and close to nature. Our dishes first and foremost contain the highest-quality products from places up to 100 kilometres from our habitat. Our secret is simplicity—we do everything we can to expose the excellence of the product in all its glory; there is nothing superfluous in our dishes.